Sound Healing with Wind River Chimes

Sep 07, 2023
Sound Healing with Wind River Chimes

Have you heard of Sound Healing? Right now, there is broad evidence confirming that sound can be used to reduce stress and improve overall well-being. At the center of the sound healing theory is the physical phenomena that regular vibrations, or ordered sound, orders us, and therefore could reorder any dis-ease. 


Just like our other senses can affect our mood, so can sound. For example, think about a sound that keeps you up at night or the sound of your neighbor mowing the lawn at 7am on a Saturday… It’s clear: sound influences our well-being.


Sound healing exists because of how sound influences our well-being. Just like massage, talk-therapy, or time in nature, sound healing can be used in both clinical and general ways. While it’s considered ancient wisdom within the wellness community, there is more and more research being done to determine why exactly sound -- and music -- not only relaxes us, but may in fact, have the power to heal us. 


So, it’s widely accepted that sound and music have the ability to improve our lives and can help make bad situations feel less stressful. Research has further identified that there are sound frequencies that are more harmful, and sound frequencies that are more healing (like the healing resonance generated by a Wind River chime.)


While we look forward to more research on how specific pitches/frequencies may influence or treat our health, there’s immediate benefit in trying your own sound healing, or as some people call it, sound bathing, for relaxation and mindfulness. 


How to let a Wind River chime contribute to your sound healing:

Find a comfy spot, close your eyes, and let the sound of Wind River chimes lead you into a calm, peaceful, meditative state. You can try this outside near your chimes, or even inside by listening to Wind River chimes on Spotify or Apple Music


And, to elevate the experience even more, we are thrilled to now offer meditation chimes, so you can enrich your meditation or prayer practice with the clarity of one resonant Wind River tone.


No matter which Wind River chime you choose, you’re sure to experience your own version of sound healing, by letting the soothing chime tones wash over you, helping to melt away stress and facilitating a more calm, relaxed state of mind. And that’s something everyone can use!



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