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POSTED: 10.24.23 

Improvising Harmony with the band ShaneFlying-SunTapes

“Most things in life cause people to worry,” says Jeff of the band Shaneflyingsuntapes. But “there are other possibilities. Worry doesn't have to take up so much of our time. Music can definitely relieve that for a while.”

Jeff and his partner, Crystal, have been making music together for decades. Crystal was trained in classical music and Jeff was trained in the jazz tradition, and they've spent years improvising and combining different styles and sounds to create music that is as soothing as it is creative. They've collected hundreds of instruments from around the world to make their therapeutic music, and Wind River Corinthian Bells chimes are some of their favorites.

Chimes fit in well with Shaneflyingsuntapes' musical aims. They strive to create “ego-less” music, music that flows naturally. Jeff says they like to “let the music breathe by itself, without us putting too much thought into it.” The chimes, which blow in the breeze and make music by quite literally going with the flow, are perfect for this kind of music-making.

Crystal and Jeff have learned that their soothing music has been helpful for people with anxiety, depression, and trouble sleeping. Their ego-less, go-with-the-flow sound has a knack for easing peoples' worries. Music invites our brains to let go and rest, to “go down a beautiful stream.” We're so honored that Wind River chimes can play a part in this therapeutic act of inspiring harmony. 

Listen to the music of Shaneflyingsuntapes: