Wind Chimes Guide Us to Gratitude

Nov 10, 2022
gratitude, thanksgiving

Since the holidays are right around the corner–a time when many of us feel the pressure to do it all–we want to take a moment to slow down and share how gratitude can guide and ground us to what matters most. 


There are many ways to help yourself find a posture of gratitude. For some, this means praying, meditating, or making lists. For others, this means acts of service and charitable giving. Ultimately though, gratitude asks us some important questions: What is good? What is beautiful? What is worth our attention? 


At Wind River, these questions lead us back to nature and the nature of sound itself. We put the best materials together to inspire harmony, but we can’t make harmony happen. We participate with the song nature is already singing–wind chimes rely on the wind! This recognition that all things need each other to harmonize is the answer to so many of our questions. 


 For that reason, Wind River chimes are the ultimate gratitude guide because they draw us out of ourselves, connecting us to something greater by awakening our senses to beauty. They literally show us how to inspire harmony–it is both an act of the will (hanging chimes up and choosing to listen) AND an act of surrender (waiting for the wind to come).  


Moreover, wind chimes symbolize the path to gratitude: harmony–the harmony that already exists and the harmony we desire to hear. 


Since harmony is our passion, we’re always considering how our company can resonate beyond our own walls to influence a better world. Every month, we partner  with a different charity to amplify their mission by donating 20% of all our online sales profits to their cause. We’re also committed to supporting our employees through people-first workplace programs, education development, and family-first policies. 


This Thanksgiving, remember: it is from a place of gratitude that we give and receive the best gifts.

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