NEW! Amtrak Wind Chime

Dec 15, 2023
NEW! Amtrak Wind Chime

We're pleased to introduce the newest addition to our family of wind chimes - the Amtrak wind chime

Capture the rich heritage of American railways in a unique way with the Sound of Amtrak wind chime. Precisely hand-tuned in the USA to the same notes as the iconic K5LA horns of Amtrak locomotives. You can experience the melodic call of the rails right in your backyard in the form of a high-quality wind chime that will resonate deeply with train enthusiasts and casual listeners alike. Its fine craftsmanship and materials result in in its pleasant tones ringing out smooth and true with a long sustain not found with lesser quality chimes. The wind sail features an etched Amtrak Travelmark logo. Overall height when hung is about 42". Made in Virginia by Wind River, officially licensed by Amtrak.

Amtrak is a registered service of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, used under license.


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