Wind River Holiday Gift Guide for (Almost) Everyone on Your List

Wind River Holiday Gift Guide for (Almost) Everyone on Your List

Oct 31, 2023


We know how hard it can be to shop for the people you love! Let Wind River take the stress away from your holiday craze by using this curated gift-guide. Not only will it help you choose the best gifts, but even more, will help you give the gift of peace to your loved ones this holiday season–what could be better than that?


For each category below, we’ve provided three ideas, all of which can also be bundled together for a super-special gift. Also, the chimes in each category complement each other beautifully!


Gifts for Home & Garden Enthusiasts 


For the ones who love to be home, and work to make their homes a place of comfort, beauty and serenity, these choices will help make home an even more special and healing place. No matter what kind of place they might call home, these items will make a beautiful statement. Surprise the homebodies in your life with the finishing touches to their outdoor spaces they didn’t even know they needed! 


  1. Corinthian Bells 56” – these chimes sound rich, pure and resonating, bringing a sense of grounded comfort; their soothing tones will underscore the beauty of a home or garden with depth and elegance. Plus, the windsail on all Corinthian Bells (and most of our other chimes) can be engraved with a personal message and seasonal design, to make your gift truly unforgettable.

  2. Corinthian Bells 74” – these chimes, some of our largest, ring out glorious, celebratory tones that sound like church bells pealing through the air. People say it makes them feel like they’re in a quaint, European village. Their size and sound is truly a statement, and would make an extraordinary gift.

  3. Harmony Hollow Orbiter Wind Spinner 18” – made of pure copper, these unique and eye-catching wind spinners are truly works of art. The wind causes them to swirl in the breeze, adding a beautiful, quiet touch to any outdoor space, and is a good option if your loved one prefers something without sound.

Gifts for Pet Lovers 


  1. Shenandoah Melodies 42” – these chimes have an appealing mix of powder-coated tubes and a soft redwood striker. These beautiful, medium-sized chimes have a large, round windsail that can be engraved with your choice of several adorable pet images, including cats, dogs (even specific breeds), birds, and other wildlife.

  2. Corinthian Bells 30” – one of our richest-sounding smaller chimes, Corinthian Bells are our most popular chimes, and when you listen, you’ll see why. Corinthian Bells chimes also have a large, round windsail, making it ideal for engraving your choice of several animal images including cats, dogs, birds, and other wildlife. 

  3. Mountain View Bluebird Bird House – a unique, elegant birdhouse crafted from natural redwood in a completely original design that mimics a log cabin, these bird houses will ensure your loved hears the soothing, endearing sounds of birdsong in their outdoor spaces, making this an unexpected, yet totally functional gift.


Gifts for Music Lovers 


  1. Corinthian Bells 60” – our only chime that uses a 7th chord, this chime speaks to a musical ear. 7th chords are complex, they have motion (always suggesting harmonic resolution) while remaining perfectly content to “milk” the magic they contain. 

  2. Arabesque 44” – a gorgeous medium-sized chime that’s bright and balanced. In the key of C, this chime has an enduring purity a good ear will appreciate.

  3. Corinthian Bells 65” – one of our only chimes that uses the profound key of E-Flat, and paired with some of our longest tubes, making this chime a musical masterpiece! (If you’d like a smaller option, check out Shenandoah Melodies 29”)

Gifts for People Who Are Hard to Buy For 


  1. Arabesque 36” – one of our bestselling sizes/sounds, this chime is an all around safe choice. Medium-sized, and with the decorative details that distinguish the Arabesque collection, this chime is simply elegant and delightful on the ears.

  2. Corinthian Bells 50” – another of our all-time best-selling chimes! These chimes are tuned to a key with pitches very close to normal speaking range, so the sound is familiar and inviting. The one who receives this gift will find them hard to resist, and will fall in love with the warm, deep, resonating tones. 

  3. Harmony Hollow Infinity Wind Spinner – these wind spinners are captivating and lovely. With their gorgeous shape and bronze color, they elevate any outdoor space. Choose from a range of shapes and sizes, all made from pure copper, and designed to spin mesmerizingly in the wind. A perfect accompaniment to a wind chime, or by itself as a more quiet choice for those who prefer no sound.


Gifts for the Heavy-Hearted 


Whether it's for someone who has recently experienced loss, or for someone who needs an extra reminder to take care of themselves, these items inspire inner harmony when life feels chaotic or challenging:


  1.  Corinthian Bells 36” – one of our bestselling chimes because it's not too big and not too small–the sound is very rich for not being a big chime. This versatility makes it a great gift for anyone’s space. Additionally, the engraving options give you the chance to get personal and specific–something that could make a big difference for someone with a broken heart or burdened spirit.

  2. Arabesque 50” – one of our bestselling sounds because its pitch range is very close to normal speech, like Corinthian Bells 50”. Stylistically, this chime is very beautiful, but even more, the sound will be a comfort and inspiration to anyone feeling down this year.

  3. Meditation Chime – for anyone needing a little extra spark of inspiration, support, and serenity, our new  meditation chimes ring out one pure, simple tone with Wind River’s signature, enduring resonance. The centering pitch of A reverberates for over a minute! These chimes are a beautiful way to encourage someone.


Looking for more gift ideas? Check out this helpful gift guide with more suggestions for holiday shopping. Also take a minute to explore our full collection of chimes, garden décor and relaxation items -- there’s so much to choose from and you can get all your shopping done in one place!


No matter what you choose, we hope you have a positive shopping experience and a wonderful holiday season!

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