Wind Chimes in the Winter: Should You Bring Them In?

Dec 22, 2023
Wind Chimes in the Winter: Should You Bring Them In?

Do you live someplace where winter means staying indoors where it’s warm? If so, you may wonder if your Wind River chimes need to come indoors with you!

The good news is, Wind River chimes were designed to be outdoors, and can withstand cold, rain, and even some “blustery” winds. If you’re uncertain if the wind is too strong, don’t worry -- your chimes will tell you! If you hear music, then let them play. If you hear unpleasant clashing and banging, then bring them in; the wind is too strong. 

As far as cold temperatures go, all of our chimes are made out of aluminum alloy, which isn’t a metal that becomes brittle in the cold. We also use nylon cording, which is water and snow resistant. If your chimes are covered with snow or ice, their resonance may be dampened, but it’s not harmful to the chimes (unless the snow and ice become very heavy -- then you’ll want to remove it from your chimes.) 

So unless you live where winter weather is extreme, your chimes should be fine spending the winter outdoors. And in winter, your Wind River chimes will add so much to the natural tranquility of the winter season. They’ll harmonize with the winter season in a special way, uplifting the dreary days and affirming the slower pace. And, unlike so much of what surrounds us, your chimes won’t invade the distinct quiet of the season, they’ll enhance it.  

If you choose to leave your chimes outside this winter, consider hanging them a little closer to home, so you can hear them as you sit by the fire or prepare yummy things in the kitchen. On a cold day, when soft snow is falling, and the world is extra quiet, the warm, resonant sound of a Wind River chime is finally able to sing solo – highlighted in a way only winter can facilitate.

As the days get shorter and darker, and we all search for more light, Wind River chimes offer some light for your ears, offering sweet and soothing comfort. And when we feel comforted, we feel more ready to hope–what we need to make it to spring! 

Give yourself or a loved one some hope for the winter season ahead with a hand-tuned, handcrafted, American-made Wind River chime. Your ears, and spirit, will feel graced by the light they bring.

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