A Different Spin on Valentine's Day

Feb 02, 2022
A Different Spin on Valentine's Day

Have you heard of being a “hopeless romantic”? Have you been called that before? It’s not always considered a compliment, because of the word “hopeless”. 

This Valentine’s Day, Wind River wants to suggest we all try to become “hopeFUL romantics”, by being people who spread love and kindness to the world – giving the word “romantic” a much broader definition.

Like a lot of holidays, Valentine’s Day has both religious and pagan roots, but what often comes to mind first is roses, chocolate, love-notes, and people in pairs.

This year, what if we expanded our view of romance and fell in love a little bit with our fellow humans? What might that look like? Well, it could be anything that makes someone feel loved, special or seen. It could be a random act of kindness. It could be volunteering. It could be saying “I’m sorry” to someone, or sharing a word of encouragement.

And yes, it could even look like buying wind chimes for someone. Over and over, we hear from our customers that the sound of a Wind River chime is life-giving, soothing, healing, joyous, and just an overall positive sound in their lives. 

The song of a Wind River chime really is a love song, and it’s one way you can help spread love to the world this Valentine’s Day. 

Want to try being a hopeFUL romantic this year? Try showing a little love and kindness in all its forms. Chances are, you’ll end up having some of that love and kindness come right back to you.

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