Using Sound to Form Better Habits

Using Sound to Form Better Habits

Jan 13, 2023

It’s that time of year when many of us set out to form better habits. And sooner or later, studies show it’ll be that time of year when we’ve already given up! 😊


Before you’re tempted to give up on better habits, consider how the power of sound could help keep you on track.


Think about all the sounds in your life, and how they frame your day. Alarms for waking, timers for baking, sirens for alerting -- sound is ingrained in our day-to-day experience. Some sounds we don’t get to choose, but some sounds we CAN choose, and in those cases, we have a choice to pick sounds that motivate us.


By attaching a favorite sound to a new habit, you may be more successful in sticking with it, because the experience becomes more holistic. Here are some ideas for connecting sounds with new habits:


  • For meditation and mindfulness: it’s been shown that beginning your sacred time with the same sound every day can help you get more focused more quickly. So, consider starting this special time of day with a certain song, a gong, your own voice humming a mantra or prayer, or a Wind River chime. Over time, these sound associations will help deepen the effects of any kind of grounding or devotional practice.


  • For exercise: a new exercise routine can be especially daunting, so think about attaching a sound that’s fun and interesting as a way to make this habit more appealing. Jump into a podcast series or work your way through an entire musician’s discography. These sounds might be just the distraction you need to get your body moving!


  • For spending more wisely: when you spend, think of it as an investment, and consider investing in things that enhance your daily life, bringing pleasure and peace. One example is creating a beautiful outdoor space enhanced with quality products like Wind River chimes and other garden items. A Wind River fan and reader of The Atlantic mentions

how spending a little more on this Wind River chime is exponentially worthwhile!


More than ever, remember how sensitive our senses really are and how our environment is always shaping us–for better and for worse! Sound most of all! 


Give your goals a boost this year with a sound that means something to you, and you might just change your life in the process!

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