Posted: 06.15.21 01:00 PM

Wind River Chimes are American Chimes


At Wind River, one of things we’re most proud of is our commitment to handcrafting Made in the USA products. We’re proud to say we’ve been manufacturing our hand-tuned wind chimes in America for over 30 years.


Wind River is located in Manassas Park, Virginia, and the pieces and parts of our beautiful wind chimes come from all over the United States.


•   We source native hardwood from Pennsylvania, durable redwood from  California, string and pipe from New York, Georgia and Florida, and metal  components from all over the Midwest.


•   In Virginia, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Chesapeake Bay, and all the beautiful lakes, rivers and meadows are what inspire the creation of our chimes.


•   We even make red and blue chimes to symbolize letting freedom ring!


Part of celebrating American Made is underscoring the quality and care that goes into the making of our wind chimes. We celebrate our craftspeople who are from all over the country, and who work to lovingly hand-tune, hand-string, and hand package every single box of chimes that leave our facility.


We like to say that we don’t just make chimes, we shape environments, and all across America, the melodious sounds of our wind chimes shape backyard, porch, garden and deck environments. We help support America by creating jobs, by buying U.S  supplies, and by giving back to our community, our country and our world through our “Charity of the Month” program.


When you buy a Wind River chime, you become a part of celebrating America. Especially this year, we celebrate the freedoms we’re once again able to enjoy, and we celebrate our country with every chime we make. Happy 4th of July to you and yours, and here’s to celebrating with the joyous sound of a Wind River chime.